Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Cryobank Regulation Wish List - Part 1

To date my children have but one known half sibling. It is unknown how many more may be out there. We know the donor was active for several years so it is possible many many vials were sold by the cryobank. Their site to date, I believe, only reports one pregnancy depite my reporting two.

While it is highly unlikely my kids would ever unknowingly meet and become involved with a half sibling (whether this half sibling was told of the DC conception or not) the possibility alone seems to cry out for regulation especially since there is nothing, regarding this donor, to prevent multiple live offspring.

My own kids are thankfully healthy but other than a donor's health bio stating he was screened for several diseases what proof do I have of these screenings.

These are both questions any potential DI recipient woman or family should ask themselves and their cryobank. The answers are not easy to determine or put into place.

My own views are that the number of live births must be tracked, reported, and subject to audit verification by an agency set up to do so and to protect the privacy of the info reported. With repect to screening of diseases I would wish that the donor be tested under their donor number and that image copies of the test results be available to the recipient if they wish to buy vials from the applicable donor.

Again these are but only two issues surrounding the cryobank industry operations that I believe I would want regulated if I were to be looking to find a new donor today.

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